Presidency Solutions
Mexico - Ciudad Juárez

Presidency Solutions is a Global Software Development and IT Consulting company that provides practical and economical Software Solutions to its clients. With offices in San Francisco, Michigan, Mexico (Guadalajara), Dubai, India and Singapore, we seek to present exceptional solutions and resources that today’s Technical, Business as well as Financial decision makers appreciate.

We recruit skilled developers from Mexico for our Development Projects and we sponsor them for Working Visa (TN Visa) as well as Green Card. We offer FULL-TIME employment offer competitive salaries and benefits.

Required qualifications:

-Bachelor degree in an engineering field, computer sciences or related.
- 2+ years professional experience
- 75% - 95% of English proficiency
-Experience with a scripting language
-Willing to relocate to USA
-High level of critical thinking and problem solving abilities
-The ability to understand and communicate detailed technical and business information


-Big Data
-MEAN (Mongo, Express, Angular 1 and 2, Node.js)

We offer:

- Documentation (tn visa, h1b visa or green card)
- Transportation
-Accommodation and counseling

So make the career by joining our team and acquire experience in the United States to grow yourself professionally and personally!!

Send you resume to: lupita@presidencyinc.com

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publicado 12-01-2018
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