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full-time Senior Frontend Developer

The Appraisal Lane Argentina
Argentina - La Plata

What you’ll need
● Proficient in HTML, CSS & JavaScript
● Strong understanding of MVC architecture
● Experience with Client Side Frameworks such as AngularJS
● Knowledge of TypeScript
● Understanding of nodejs backend technologies and frameworks such as express
● Experience with bundling tools such as Webpack, Grunt, etc.
● Good sense of design and comfortable giving design feedback to product team
● Strong understanding of best practices with implementing responsive layouts
● Experience with UNIX environments (Linux, Mac)
● Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
● Graduated with a BS (Licenciado) or Eng. (Ingeniero) degree from a reputable university
or college
● Able to work full time—8 hours per day.
● Must have a passion to learn new technologies.

If you have experience
send your CV to recruiting:
and join our awesome team!
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publicado 11-08-2017
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